[extropy-chat] Anarchy + Transparent Society + ??? [was: Anarchy!]

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 16:59:25 UTC 2007

On 4/20/07, Robert Bradbury wrote:
> Though I tend to lean in the anarchist (minimal government) and
> anti-Transparent-Society (excessive government observation) I am reminded of
> the events in the U.S. this week when a person perceiving individuals and/or
> society harming him decided to strike back against that "class" of
> individuals and/or society.
> There is nothing wrong with anarchy but unless it is operating in an
> environment where another individual cannot harm you I don't see how it
> accomplishes much (sure it might make the society more efficient but it
> doesn't inherently make the society safer -- and if "real" life extension
> technology becomes widespread it is personal safety you are going to be
> primarily concerned with).  Everyone carrying a gun isn't the answer.  Hell,
> there was an example the other day of a secret service person at the White
> House accidentally discharging his weapon and injuring another secret
> service person.  If the secret service can't handle weapons safely how can
> one expect a society where everyone carries weapons to work?
> The "Transparent Society" doesn't work with anarchy.  So long as either (a)
> "mentally ill" or (b) "reactive"(?) individuals exist it doesn't do any good
> to know you are going to "catch" someone.  Cleaning up after the damage has
> been done isn't the answer.  When one has people who cannot be rational or
> behave irrationally (or suicidally) then an anarchist system is not likely
> to lead to a society with minimal injury or loss of life.
> If someone can show me how it will, I'd be happy to consider the arguments.

Most of the idealistic designs don't seem to notice that our present
society expends a huge amount of resources on defending society
against the bottom half of the human race.

Police, prisons, the legal system, A&E staff, security professionals,
Amnesty, social workers, etc. etc.

The horror that is being just kept under control can ruin the most
wonderful of systems.

I doubt if Eugen's augmentation will help much.
I don't much fancy the prospect of facing augmented gangsters, drug
dealers, rapists, fraudsters, etc.


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