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Tue Apr 24 18:47:56 UTC 2007

Hi Sondre,

I've witnessed first-hand an exchange between two
friends, one white and one black. They obviously
regarded each other very highly, this in spite of the
fact that the white friend jovially referred to his
black friend as "nigga" many times within the same

Above any others, speech and communication need to be
the last bastion of absolute freedom. It is through
speech or communication in general that the ills of
society are confronted; and some of them even manage
to be fixed every great once in a while. Speech, in my
opinion, should never be forcefully and irreparably
constrained in any way. I won't be so dishonest as to
say that my feelings would never be hurt by anything
someone says. They could; but that's a sacrifice I'll
always be willing to make. What this world needs is a
tad more rationality in all directions.

Best Wishes,

Jeffrey Herrlich   

> It is not perfectly all right to tell racist jokes
> to any type of audience. It is not all right to talk
> trash about females in any situation. Equal rights
> and opportunities for everyone, and we should all
> value the individuals based on their acts and
> performances. If you continue to talk down on
> females or anyone other generalized group of
> individuals, you are only making the situation
> worse.
> Religious and political views are personal and
> chosen opinions (most people don't choose it for
> themselves, their parents did) and anyone should be
> open for discrimination, insults and being laughed
> at for these views.
> I love being an atheist and I enjoy every single
> moment of this life.
> /Sondre
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