[extropy-chat] Somedays the universe delivers

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 19:34:48 UTC 2007

Just when you think life is boring and nothing of real interest well ever
happen (after all some of us are waiting and waiting and waiting for real
nanotech and real AI and real MBrainization of the solar system, ...)
somedays are more interesting than others...

Netcraft shows Smartech Running Ohio Election Servers

The title doesn't make the possible scandal clear.  There is a suggestion
that the Republican National Committee may have site-jacked some Ohio state
web sites during the 2004 election.

Of course I found the following comment interesting...
  "*Nixon is not dead. How do I know? Always two there are, a Master and an

*Quantum Physics Parts Ways with Reality*
*... "we must give up (some of) the idea that the world exists when we are
not looking..."*
*So much for frigging reality as we know it (or at least as I would like it
to be).
We are back in the land of the "blue people" (for those of you who have been
around long enough to recall those discussions).   I might ask if our
reality is in a coherent state with another reality, what the hell happens
when the differences are resolved?
*And then of course, the simply mundane, we may be able to have have BBB
(Boron BuckyBalls)*.
*Go ahead, kick them if you want, I feel nawthink! [1]*
*Bucky's brother -- The boron buckyball makes its debut
And then of course my favorite...
Laser Acceleration of Electrons Excites Physicists*
I may be stretching things a bit but it looks like properly applied this
technology gives me an honest to god phaser.  Star Trek technology strikes


1. This will mean nothing to those who never watched Hogan's Heros.*
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