[extropy-chat] Putting God to Rest

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 20:24:29 UTC 2007

On 4/24/07, ben <benboc at lineone.net> wrote:

> "Robert Bradbury" <robert.bradbury at gmail.com> wrote:
> > You cannot be an "athiest since birth" since at birth you were
> > incapable of having or holding beliefs.
> Atheism is a belief now?

Ok, let me modify this slightly.

Atheism is a "belief" as in the classical sense it is an assertion that
there is *no* god.  This gets complex as it tends to devolve into how did
the universe originate, how many universes currently exist (in a multiverse
framework), etc.  Invoking "God" as the ultimate answer makes things so much
more simple.

> I would be interested in comments by "indoctrinated" individuals who
>   > simply said "this does not make sense".

I rejected the distributed reality around the age of 14 or 15.  Comments on
the ExiCh list over the years would suggest there are others who did so as
well.   Keith if you want to apply EP perspectives in a robust way determine
*when* the standard paradigm is rejected.

Later on, when i realised what 'belief' actually entails, i decided i
> was an atheist. As in someone free of beliefs about gods. Atheism is
> /not/ a belief system. Just the opposite. I don't 'believe there are no
> gods', but i do have a lack of belief in them. Completely different
> thing. If some strong evidence turns up for their existence, i may
> change my mind. That's not belief.

Ben, I would argue that there are variations in this context which should
not be cast aside.  There are
(a) atheists who would assert this is not, and can never be a "god".
(b) atheists who would assert a "god" is possible but does not exist in our
universe yet.
(c) atheists who would assert a "god" is possible and may exist but has no
interest in us.
(d) atheists who would assert that there is a god and he/she is acitively
spinning reality as we know it.

Mind you, these are frameworks for an explanation of the universe as we
perceive it and not frameworks of classical religious perspectives.

So i don't see a problem with Stathis claiming to be an atheist from birth.
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