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Josh, I have been away on business and vacation, so this may have already
been answered by others.

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> Hi Spike,
>     For what it's worth, this morning CBC Radio One ran a fifteen second
> blip on the THAAD success, though they said it was only the second
> success in a row.

Depends on how it is counted.  In 1999, we were arguing over what should be
considered a miss, since some of the test validation phase firings were not
really intercept attempts but rather data gathering flights.  The 10 June 99
flight might be legitimately considered luck.  When it hit the target, some
historians cheerfully recorded that as the successful intercept.  I am not
sure, for if it had missed, we might have argued that it was not really a
miss, it was just a test and yakkity yak and bla bla.

But if you count that hit as one, we had another hit in 1999, then hits 3,4
and 5 in November 2005 and May and June of 06.  Then the 13 September
attempt was scrubbed because the target missile failed.  That surely must
count as a no-test, so that the 27 Jan 07 hit would count as sixth in a row
and the 6 April 07 hit would be the seventh.  If you count the first and
second as luck (they kinda were by some accounts), then this would be the
fifth, but I count it as seventh.  Lucky shots count in sports; in fact in
basketball you get three points if you shoot from way out.

I thought of the theme of something's right while on vacation last couple
weeks.  Wife bought a camper trailer on eBay, I went out to Pennsylvania to
pick it up.  Drove across the country both directions without my shootin
arns, never felt I needed one.  I could buy anything I needed, anywhere I
found myself.  There was never any place I felt danger of any kind.  Was
caught doing 94 mph in Kansas on my way out with the truck.  The friendly
highway patrol gave me a warning and sent me on my way.  Things are working
in society.  Something is definitely right here.

The apparent downplaying by the mainstream media of THAAD's success, perhaps
we should see it as analogous to the daredevil's trade.  Karl Wallenda
walked the tightrope thousands of times.  It matters not how difficult and
dangerous his trade; he made the news only by falling off and slaying
himself.  Roy Horn and his tigers were of no interest until one took a bite
out of him.  The motorcycle jumper attempting forty buses is not news unless
he only manages to clear thirty nine of them.  Perhaps the MSM media simply
do not like to report when something is very right.


> Cheers,
> Josh
> On Apr 6, 2007, at 9:51 PM, spike wrote:
> > Friends,
> >
> > Today we had another hit with the THAAD missile system, the seventh
> > consecutive success.  Most remarkable is this, considering that when
> > trying to hit a missile with another missile, there is so little target
and so damn much sky.  ... spike

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