[extropy-chat] Anarchy + Transparent Society + Bushido = Survival

The Avantguardian avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 25 04:52:56 UTC 2007

--- Stathis Papaioannou <stathisp at gmail.com> wrote:
> Rather than adopting Bushido, we could have everyone
> including governments
> and criminal gangs adopt Gandhi's philosophy of
> non-violence, and everything
> would be hunky-dory.

But that is unrealistic. At least until you can
literally use technology to "give" somebody a
conscience. You know that in every population there is
certain percentage of sociopaths that have neither the
biological capacity for nor the subjective experience
of "moral remorse". I have heard estimates as high as
5% of the population. You are a psychiatrist, you work
with themn on a daily basis, so you would know the
prevalance better than me.

In Gandhi-world, people with these traits take over
and oppress the conscientious majority with
intimidation and brutality. In Bushido-world such
traits are weeded out quickly and efficiently.

Stuart LaForge
alt email: stuart"AT"ucla.edu

"In Emptiness exists Good but no Evil.
Wisdom is Existence.
Principle is Existence.
The Way is Existence.
The Mind is Emptiness."

- Miyamoto Musashi, Kyoto period Samurai.

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