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Wed Apr 25 05:13:36 UTC 2007

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> > Taking into account the proportion of multi-machine contributors, we can
> > now
> > estimate the total number of this particular type of math geeks on the
> > planet: around 50,000.  Considering the total human population, that
> makes
> > us rarer than one in a million.  I never would have guessed we were so
> > few.
> Not all math geeks run GIMPS (cries of surprise and outrage), so being
> rarer than one in a million is not that surprising. I wonder how many math
> geeks there are worldwide? Maybe GIMPS is missing emerging crowds of geeks
> in China, just itching to search for Mersennes? Anders Sandberg,

I should have said: those math geeks who do GIMPS and also carelessly flub
their BOTECs by an order of magnitude are rarer than one in a million.
GIMPSers who do not make such careless errors are rarer than one in a
hundred thousand.

Your point is noted however.  Where are the Chinese and Indian hordes?  It
will be a lot more fun to hang out once those two kick in and double or
triple the size of these kinds of groups.


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