[extropy-chat] LA Times - Singing and health

pjmanney pj at pj-manney.com
Thu Apr 26 17:23:34 UTC 2007

Sorry to those who prefer I copy articles into posts.  Too many people can't read them.

This is for those singers among us, like Emlyn.

This is from the LA Times Health section, on how singing is beneficial to health.  It raises immune system indicators, raises oxytocin, raises cognitive fuction, improves quality of life in older age.  Group singing seems to improve it even more.


My mother-in-law, who is a health professional, church choir member and accompaniest, says conductors are some of the longest lived musicians in the world.  Her theory is they wave their arms a lot and get an upper body, cardiovascular workout, while getting the hormonal high from the music.  She may be right.


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