[extropy-chat] Seminar on Transhumanism and Religion in Second Life

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Here are the details of
another upcoming big event brought to you from the World Transhumanist Association through it's second life chapter in the Virtual world of Second Life at uvvy island main auditorium, the same place where Prof.Warwick's brilliant presentation was given ! 

Seminar on Transhumanism and Religion in Second Life 

Sunday, April 29, 2007 

10am SLT-PST, uvvy island in SL 


 Lincoln Cannon, President, Mormon Transhumanist Association 

Extropia Dasilva , Fascinating and Mysterious Virtual Personality. Extropia is a "transhumanist avatar" who writes some of the best mind expanding stuff about first and second life, the universe and everything. 

James Hughes, Executive Director,  Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. James will present his paper  "The Compatibility of Religious and Transhumanist Views of Metaphysics, Suffering, Virtue and Transcendence in an Enhanced Future". 

Giulio Prisco, Executive Director,  World Transhumanist Association. Giulio will summarize his article/book precis  "Engineering Transcendence". 

Most speakers will use audio streaming for presentations and answers to questions from the audience. 

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