[extropy-chat] Medical Experimentation on Prisoners, and Slippery Slopes

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Fri Apr 27 02:40:55 UTC 2007

Mike writes

> I heard on the radio about a case where a woman murdered and
> dismembered her husband, and they were keeping her under psychiatric
> observation for fear of suicide risk.  So we need to make sure she is
> kept alive so the state can officially judge her?  I don't get it.

You're bringing out the Inspector Clouseau in me.  How do we know
she's not simply distraught over her sister's terrible crime, and isn't
sure she can keep fooling the authorities?

> disclaimer:  I'm sure she's really a nice person and that I am being
> mean by talking this way about a convicted murderer.

Oh!  You forgot to add that last point:  we've already decided she's
guilty.  I totally agree with you!  If indeed she's also been sentenced
to death then I am almost in favor of leaving scalpels, razor blades,
basins of water, heavy-duty sleeping pills and booze all within easy

I say *almost*, because in capital cases, it would make much more
sense to hold an auction for who gets to kill her. All's fair:  you can
have a group---like a bunch of capital punishment advocates in a
single company get their corporation to submit a collective bid.  And
don't forget the additional funds the state can obtain from the 
television rights, etc.  Or would this be yet another slippery slope?


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