[extropy-chat] LA Times - Singing and health

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sat Apr 28 02:02:47 UTC 2007

> There's even a fasola group not far from me.  Of course, I think it will have to
> wait until my kids are in college, with all my free time and all... <ROTFLOL>
> Ah, something to look forward to in my retirement.  Thanks so much for this!

Kids can do fasola also, you know. There are pictures of little kids leading - old
pictures. The singing masters used to come and have classes and the children learned
to do this.  There is a Camp FaSoLa in Alabama, and Camp DoReMi in North Carolina
will have its first season this summer.

But I admit we haven't many children who want to. People are now trained to *watch*
and be entertained... not *do* and entertain themselves.  My daughter loves this
stuff but she no longer lives near me and there is no fasola near her. My son
doesn't seem to grasp the concept, alas. He doesn't understand "parts" and seems
confused about harmony.

I agree with you about the 4 vs. 7 shape systems. I find the 7 are easier for me to
grasp, but what I've learned to do is find "do" on the page and then go from there.
I sing the four shape songs in 7 shape names. ;)  It has taken a while for me to
figure this out. ;)

I hope you find it something you really can enjoy and do.  I wish I'd found it sooner.


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