[extropy-chat] a request for cyber-guidance

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Sat Apr 28 04:35:15 UTC 2007

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> ... What a good time to be a human.
> Damien Broderick

Thanks for that meme Damien.  This has been rattling around in my brain for
some time now.  Gratitude is a powerful emotion; lately I have been feeling
it a lot.  Gratitude to those who have gone before me, worked hard so that
we can have the things we have, built the interstate highway system allowing
me to use it to go as far as we want without cost other than gas, which is
still very cheap, to those who built the other infrastructure and did so
very competently, who helped set up the legal system that works so well, who
did the engineering that gave us these wonderful machines which currently
sit in front of us giving us unprecedented entertainment and education, all
practically free, gratitude to evolution which gave me my beloved son.  

Life is gooood.  And getting better.



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