[extropy-chat] How to be copied into the future?

A B austriaaugust at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 28 20:49:14 UTC 2007

Hi Heartland,

It's nice to be debating this again with you. You're
very creative and provocative (and I admire you're
endurance with this topic). But this is all I'm going
to post on it for the foreseeable future. 

You say that it is a unique trajectory through space
and time that specifies an identity. (Correct me if
that is not a fair or correct representation).On the
face of it, I actually don't disagree with you.
Another way to describe that is that two different
trajectories are different precisely because they are
separated both in space and time (which are both
intertwined entities as far as I know). But this, in
addition to other "factors" is why I believe it is
appropriate to believe that no "self" continues
through time, and that we are in fact "dieing"
continuously (and it's not a big deal). With every
passing moment, I am separated temporally with my
"previous self" (if I wasn't, I'd be "frozen in
time"), and by extension, I must also be separated
spatially. Doesn't that meet your definition of a
different trajectory? And therefore a "new" person
with every passing moment?

Best Wishes,

Jeffrey Herrlich    

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