[extropy-chat] Insults in Posts (was Putting God to Rest)

gts gts_2000 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 28 21:23:00 UTC 2007

>> That was my point, if insults weren't often quite good at getting the  
>> job done they would not be so common in the meme pool.

Here is one of the most incredible insults I've ever seen, levied in the  
third person against the philosopher Spinoza by the elders in his place of  

"With the judgment of the angels and the sentence of the saints, we  
anathematize, execrate, curse and cast out Baruch de Espinoza, the whole  
sacred community assenting, in the presence of the sacred books with the  
six-hundred-and-thirteen precepts written therein, pronouncing against him  
the malediction wherewith Elisha cursed the children, and all the  
maledictions written in the Book of the Law. Let him be accursed by day,  
and accursed by night; let him be accursed in his lying down, and accursed  
in his rising up; accursed in going out and accursed in coming in. May the  
Lord never more pardon or acknowledge him; may the wrath and displeasure  
of the Lord burn henceforth against this man, load him with all the curses  
written in the Book of the Law, and blot out his name from under the sky;  
may the Lord sever him from evil from all the tribes of Israel, weight him  
with all the maledictions of the firmament contained in the Book of the  
Law; and may all ye who are obedient to the Lord your God be saved this  
day. Hereby then all are admonished that none hold converse with him by  
word of mouth, none hold communication with him by writing; that no one do  
him any service, no one abide under the same roof with him, no one  
approach within four cubits of him, and no one read any document dictated  
by him, or written by hand."

Obviously Spinoza wrote some interesting posts. :-)


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