[extropy-chat] How to be copied into the future?.

Randall Randall randall at randallsquared.com
Sat Apr 28 23:01:11 UTC 2007

On Apr 28, 2007, at 1:17 PM, John K Clark wrote:
> And that's exactly what makes his idea downright comical. According  
> to him
> the whole ball game is something that is imposable to detect  
> subjectively
> but nevertheless (for reasons never explained) I should be very  
> concerned
> about it, subjectively. To say this is silly is a vast understatement.

You would find your own death impossible to detect
subjectively, no matter *who* else lives on after you.
Therefore, should you not be concerned about avoiding

Randall Randall <randall at randallsquared.com>
"This is a fascinating question, right up there with whether rocks
fall because of gravity or being dropped, and whether 3+5=5+3
because addition is commutative or because they both equal 8."
   - Scott Aaronson

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