[extropy-chat] How to be copied into the future?.

Randall Randall randall at randallsquared.com
Sun Apr 29 05:37:09 UTC 2007

On Apr 28, 2007, at 10:43 PM, Lee Corbin wrote:
> Randall writes
>>> (My own answer to that is this:  Oh, I'm still Lee Corbin all right.
>>> My actual history doesn't too strongly affect what is important
>>> to me, how I want the rest of my life to continue indefinitely,
>>> my values, and my friendships (given that all the people who
>>> I am close to had arisen via similar government experimentation
>>> and that their memories were as false as mine).
>> I actually don't disagree with any of the above.
> So you just decree---as does Heartland---that if we revealed to
> you that ever since you were age 6, a copy has been made of
> you every night as you were fast asleep, and that the originals
> were then killed, you would not be the same person from day
> to day, and you dread tonight?  Right?  That you were lucky
> to get just one day of life?


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