[extropy-chat] Life and Death is not like 1 and 0

scerir scerir at libero.it
Sun Apr 29 17:01:43 UTC 2007

> Does the photon go through the right slit or the left?  

Supposing we know what a photon is (and perhaps we don't), 
it depends on the informations (in principle available).
Perfect symmetry of the set-up + no markers at the slits
(or after) + no markers (polarizers, etc.) before the slits
+ no entanglement between that photon (signal) and another 
one (idler) => you get interference, because of 
indistinguishability. On the contrary, if there is some marker, 
or some asymmetry, interference pattern becomes smooth 
and smoother (depending on the available informations).  

> Is there some kind of interference pattern equivalent 
> that indicates life?

I think it is like the above, a transition between life
and not. (But is life the opposite of death? Birth?).

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