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> > P.S. I'll get around to Professor Gat's paper presently, and start a new
> > thread if it seems appropriate.  I will also respond to some very 
> interesting
> > but snipped parts of your post that aren't actually germane to this thread.
>You don't get off that easy!  ;)
>The paper was published in 2000.
>Gat has since updated his research by publishing 'War in Human Civilization'.
>Hardcover: 848 pages
>Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA (October 23, 2006)

The book is excellent, I am reading it now.  But the material backing up an 
EP model of war is covered in the short (9000 words) paper.

If you read 600 wpm, that's 15 minutes.


>Book Description
>Why do people go to war? Is it rooted in human nature or is it a late
>cultural invention? How does war relate to the other fundamental
>developments in the history of human civilization? And what of war
>today - is it a declining phenomenon or simply changing its shape? In
>this truly global study of war and civilization, Azar Gat sets out to
>find definitive answers to these questions in an attempt to unravel
>the 'riddle of war' throughout human history, from the early
>hunter-gatherers right through to the unconventional terrorism of the
>twenty-first century. In the process, the book generates an
>astonishing wealth of original and fascinating insights on all major
>aspects of humankind's remarkable journey through the ages, engaging a
>wide range of disciplines, from anthropology and evolutionary
>psychology to sociology and political science.
>There are three enthusiastic customer reviews.
>A less enthusiastic review is here:
>This wikipedia article discusses the many causes of war
>(incl. references to Azar Gat)
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