[extropy-chat] How to be copied into the future?

Heartland velvethum at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 30 21:11:32 UTC 2007

>> I don't get it, John.  That guy has said over and over that the atoms are
>> not the problem

John K Clark:
> True, Heartland has said over and over that atoms are not the problem,

Shouldn't that be the end of it?

John K Clark:
> and he has said over and over that atoms are the problem.

It is impossible that I said that because I never believed that replacement of 
atoms used in a process had any impact on identity of that process. Would you keep 
telling people that I believe in Jesus too, if you saw me discussing ancient 
methods for producing papyrus that bible text was written on?

John K Clark:
> Then he took a
> different tack and said the problem is discontinuity in the thought process;

I've been saying something similar to that from the beginning.

John K Clark:
> but only objective discontinuity is important, the fact that it would be
> imposable to subjectively detect this objective discontinuity is irrelevant
> to subjectivity. Let me repeat that, according to Heartland subjective
> experience is unimportant to subjectivity! And that my friend does not make
> one tiny particle of sense.

It's only your usual bizarre interpretation of what I said, not a summary of what I 
actually said. (What the heck is "subjectivity" anyway?) But I think I have figured 
out your motive. You simply enjoy playing "telephone" and are just trying to find 
someone to play along. Cool strategy, I must say. Thumbs up. :)

Subjective opinion about who you think you are is utterly worthless in determining 
who you are. Example: From now on I may post under John K Clark's name and pretend 
to know something about Heartland's argument. According to you, this is enough 
evidence to give me the title "John K Clark." But if so, then we should share the 
same access to John K Clark's bank account number, right?

So right now I would like to officially declare that I am John K Clark and demand 
you share with me our bank account # and all the passwords (send it privately, of 

If you really believed in what you say you believe, you should have no problem 
sending me (John K Clark) this info. But I have a gut feeling you won't be sending 
anything. I (John K Clark) guarantee it.

John K Clark 

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