[ExI] Your SIAI FAQ Suggestions?

Tyler Emerson emerson at singinst.org
Mon Dec 3 02:36:13 UTC 2007

What commonly-asked questions do you think the Singularity Institute
should answer in a FAQ? Please send over your suggestions. Email me
one, 10, or even 100, but make sure they're questions you think are

Send suggestions to emerson at singinst.org.

Drew Reynolds, creator of the valuable Accelerating Future Database
(acceleratingfuture.com/people/), will oversee this project with SIAI

No promises, but in addition to text, we hope to create
FAQ-audio/video to share through blogs, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

If one of your questions is used, we'll list you as a contributor and
link to your blog/site (let us know if you want anonymity).


Tyler Emerson, Executive Director
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
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