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On Dec 3, 2007, at 3:53 PM, PJ Manney wrote:
> Commentary
> How To Spy On People
> James D. Zirin 11.28.07, 6:00 AM ET
> http://www.forbes.com/2007/11/27/zirin-cyber-spying-oped- 
> cx_jdz_1128zirin.html?partner=weekly_newsletter


> And, if that's not revealing enough, GeoEye plans to launch its
> next-generation Earth imaging satellite, GeoEye1, in late first
> quarter or early second quarter 2008. GeoEye1 will be the world's
> highest resolution and most accurate commercial imaging satellite with
> a ground resolution of about 16 inches. Just think, one could punch up
> Angelina Jolie and see what she's doing anywhere in the world--with
> the camera lens only 16 inches away.

Hah.  That's not what that means, of course.  Resolution
is a measure of the smallest single thing that can be seen.

When I see an article that gets such a basic fact wrong, I
wonder about the rest of it, too.  :)

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