[ExI] PISA 2006 Science Competencies for Tomorrow's World

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This could be useful.. if anything, to learn what works and what does not
work. All of the results and data is available for free, online, with quite
alot of it in spreadsheet form, and with technical details given for the
analysis in the appendices.


Assessing science understanding worldwide

PISA 2006 Science Competencies for Tomorrow's World


PISA 2006: Science Competencies for Tomorrow's World presents the
results from the most recent PISA survey, which focused on science and
also assessed mathematics and reading. It is divided into two volumes.

Volume 1: Analysis gives the most comprehensive international picture of
science learning today, exploring not only how well students perform,
but also their interests in science and their awareness of the
opportunities that scientific competencies bring as well as the
environment that schools offer for science learning. It places the
performance of students, schools and countries in the context of their
social background and identifies important educational policies and
practices that are associated with educational success. By showing that
some countries succeed in providing both high quality education and
equitable learning outcomes, PISA sets ambitious goals for others.

Volume 2: Data/Données presents the PISA 2006 full data set underlying
Volume 1.

Together with the PISA 2000 and PISA 2003 surveys, PISA 2006 completes
the first cycle of assessment in the three key subject areas. PISA is
now conducting a second cycle of surveys, beginning in 2009 with reading
as the major subject and continuing in 2012 (mathematics) and 2015

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