[ExI] fermi paradox

Kevin Freels kevin at kevinfreels.com
Sun Dec 9 06:27:14 UTC 2007

> If the fact that virtually all photons of electromagnet energy are
> radiated uselessly into infinite space is not evidence that the universe
> has not been engineered then please give us an example of something
> that would convince you. If a theory can not be disproved then it is
> religion not science.
Then you and I agree. The paradox is a religion, not science. It is 
built on the mediocrity principal and the Drake equations  both use lots 
of assumptions and very few facts. The numbers used cannot be disproved. 
Therefore it is a religion using your own definition. So you have 
assumption+assumption=paradox. When you use so many assumptions it's no 
wonder the solution doesn't make any sense.

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