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Sun Dec 9 15:34:28 UTC 2007

The nihilists cling to a relative world of relationships or the 
appearances of reality. Both nihilists and eternalists deny the quantum 
interactions of energy where energy is neither created nor destroyed.

In a time dominated universe, we cannot see beyond time. Physicists see 
theoretical time as the fourth dimension of our unverse. There are 
other universes according to Hawkings where time does not exist but we 
have no technology to travel inside dark holes where gravity, light and 
spacetime disappear.

Julian Barbour a Brithish physicist claimed if we do away time in the 
equation, we might be able to find the technology to unite gravity and 
quantum physics along the line of the unification theory of everything 

Ancient philosophers see time as a mind construct and said that in 
reality nothing is born and hence nothing dies as energy is neither 
created nor destroyed.

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