[ExI] The Selfish Gene

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Tue Dec 11 00:08:27 UTC 2007

"The Rev Dr Walter Houston, the chaplain of Mansfield College, Oxford, 
and a fellow in theology, said: "Religious belief is not just related 
to a person's constitution; it's related to society, tradition, 
character - everything's involved. Having a gene that could do all that 
seems pretty unlikely to me."

There is no religious gene. Religious meme evolved as a side effect of 
the selfish gene. Richard Dawkins coined the term meme similar to a 
gene that can mutate or get infected by society's traditions. Read his 
book "The Selfish Gene."

Rocks and minerals cannot react as living things do for survival in a 
changing environment. Humans inherited this gene during evolution. This 
sense of "self" or instinct for survival is called the "Selfish Gene."

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