[ExI] Evolutionary psychology and religion

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Evolutionary psychology and religion


>...  So what reoccurring 
situation in the EEA could have led to conditions where this trait 
would promote genetic survival?

War for one. ..  Kevin Freels


Both men ponder, when the solution is deceptively simple: religion
encourages breeding.


One can imagine the reasons, but I would contribute that the feelings
associated with a deep religious experience contribute to female libido.  I
cannot explain why.  Ask the guys who come from a fundamentalist religious
background, when is the best time to go out on a date.  Universally they
answer, Sunday night, right after the revival meeting.  In my own experience
the answer was Saturday night, right after vespers.  If you were ever to get
any sweet loving, that was your best chance.




(Im not kidding this time.)












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