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Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Tue Dec 11 06:37:36 UTC 2007

--- spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

>...assuming the level of technology available in
>1843.  In those grim days, having a ton of money
>meant only that one had a relatively comfortable
>house with an arbitrarily large army of personal
>servants and plenty of food. Beyond that, money
>couldn't buy much.  The best medical care money
>could buy in those days was more likely to kill you
>than cure you, for instance.  

What does the year 1843 and technology have to do with
the moral of the story and what about the people in
1843 that never had personal servants and didn't have
plenty of food, what are they?  I agree that being
comfortable is good but I'm not convinced that money
can buy me anything I want.  Without those grim days
nobody would be convinced of anything better.

>There is a lot to be said for solitude.  In 1843,
>one gave up privacy to hire household servants to
>take care of the grinding labour of daily survival. 
>Could you imagine having a dozen people hanging
>around, in your home, at all times?  I would not
>like that.

I agree, it sucks but being surrounded by numerous
amount of people gives you better insights of how
people really are face to face.  In 1843 you could
visit the neighbour and get to know them in 2007 you
can look them up but never really know them. There is
no difference.  

>The idea I take away is that without the appropriate
>technology, wealth alone is of little value.  The
>poorest among us would surely be unwilling to
>give up their modern destitution in exchange for
>being the richest person on the planet a mere
>thousand years ago.  What say ye, highly intelligent
>but capital challenged friends?  Any takers? 

Wealth is value to many as I have recently come to
discover with or without technology, I assume it is a
need for many? The poorest don't care about whether
their modern views are relevant or not, they care
about how to feed their children.  The Scrooge story
is a perfect example.

Happy Holidays Spike

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