[ExI] Evolutionary psychology and religion

Seien seienchan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 11:18:17 UTC 2007

>We have discussed birth rates before on this list. First world nations
have effectively stopped breeding. Their birth rates are below
replacement level. Which explains the concentration on extending the
>lifespan of existing members.

That's okay. All you have done is cited a problem here. We can solve this
problem, but that's no reason to make people stop concentrating on
philosophy and start concentrating on breeding. You seem to be taking here
the Environmentalist approach: you are confronted with a problem, and
instead of trying to be dynamic and get more knowledge so you can solve it,
you prefer to limit yourself and regress back to the mindset that existed
before the problem came about.

>Whether our superior morality and technology can keep at bay the
hordes outside the gates is a question that will be answered in the
>near future.

Maybe we should try persuading them. This seems an extremely uncreative
approach to the problem you cited - there are more people in the world than
in Britain and America and you would prefer to keep them outside the country
because of their current memes rather than persuade them of our good ideas.

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