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Tue Dec 11 17:58:02 UTC 2007

PJ, the sentimentalism in that announcement is nigh-overwhelming. I am sure
that if I asked you explain to me what love is, you would find it very hard
very quickly. Christmas, as far as I can deduce, is of value as either a
celebration composed of part tradition and part commercialism, or as nothing
at all. It's nice to say it's a celebration of love, but when considered
objectively that feels almost mawkish, and on top of that it's meaningless
as a statement. Paying lip service to love? That sounds revolting.
And, love is all that matters? If that is the moral of story, I hate it even
more! "Love is all that matters" is a ghastly statement, condemning one to a
lifetime of irrational behaviour. If someone does not know what to do in a
situation, and you tell them to do what makes them happy, for instance, you
haven't helped them. They KNOW what to do to make them happy, that's not
what's causing the problem. They want to know what they ought to do; in
other words, what is morally right. Morality is the theory of
decision-making, if you like - it includes knowledge on what is the best way
to live.

Morality:Superior; Love:Inferior.

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