[ExI] EP and the marriage market

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 17:17:29 UTC 2007

On Dec 12, 2007 4:59 PM, hkhenson wrote:
> The number of stories in the popular press with an EP orientation has
> gone way up in the past few years.

I don't read this as having  an EP orientation.
This is just an example of how scarcity or plenty affects choices.

Substitute car for men or women in this article.

If cars are in short supply, you take what you can get. Suddenly old
beat-up wrecks seem suitable.

If all the showrooms are full, you get real picky about which car you
want and negotiate deals with the salesman for discounts and added
extras to your selection.

If supply is average you try to get the best deal you can, but you
know you can't haggle too much or someone else will buy it.

Where's the EP in that?


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