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Thu Dec 13 14:58:02 UTC 2007

Keith wrote:
On 12-12-07
"Girl children don't have breasts.  Babies don't talk or walk.  Yet
all these products of evolution are widespread in adults (of the
appropriate sex).  Not to mention that moral emotions such as shame
emerge very early in children, about 3, when (in the EEA) they
graduated from their mother's arms to the play group."

Hi, Keith before I respond to the above let me thank you for that 
picture of a young charming costumed girl you sent. First of all that 
was not me and secondly I was not in any convention with costumed 
members. The conventions I attended were with Secular Humanists where 
I've been a member for a decade now.

I agree children are too young to understand adults' obssessions about 
sex and morality. But as they grow into their teens, hormonal changes 
are manifested in their body and behavior. However, babies start to 
develop a sense of self between the outside and their feelings of need 
to be fed, to be touched and to communicate these needs. The feelings 
of shame emerge soon or late depending on the structure of the brain's 
ability to acquire language inorder to get enculturated. Btw what is 
EEA? Does it concern about the evolution of ego? If so then ego or the 
sense of self is embedded in the genes what some evolutionary biologist 
call the survival instinct which was inherited from the earliest 
organism that evolved.

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