[ExI] Morality and Meta

Seien seienchan at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 18:34:17 UTC 2007

>>My reply: Morality is a meme invented by religious believers in the
hope that the individual would behave according to traditions or values
of said society. Morality values are arbitrary so to speak. Those who
cling to what is seen as valuable without evidence or further tests are
>>in the majority.
In light of how crucially important morality is to civilisation, that's a
pretty terrible thing to say. Morality isn't invented by religion - that's a
meangingless definition of it. Morality is an area of knowledge, which
includes theories about how to make good choices, and how to live well - and
therefore what's right and wrong and good and evil. You could call it the
theory of decision-making. Morality is reason, if you like. It is not a
religious dogma, although religion likes to have morality attributed to it.

It sounds pretty damn important to me. It means the difference between
making a bad decision and a good one. I can only presume by your eschewing
of morality, and the notion that morality might be important, that you don't
want it.

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