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Thu Dec 13 20:46:59 UTC 2007

On 13/12/2007, Kevin Freels <kevin at kevinfreels.com> wrote:
> >"Our culture prizes things like reason, making good decisions,
> optimism, pride in humanity. "
> How I wish this were true. Unfortunately the mother of my 12 yr old
> daughter's friend regularly forgives her husband for beating her because
> he's a christian but won't allow my daughter to come around because she
> stated that Jesus was not the son of God. So my daughter is being
> punished for reason.
That example's extremely parochial. Our culture, in general, in the West,
prides itself in its reason, and at the very least its pro-humanness (even
Christianity has that, whereas Islam is full of the worst kind of misogyny
and misanthropy, and is utterly static about it too). Feel happy that your
daughter lives in a country where Christian fundamentalism is tolerated and
the law is generally objective. If it were, say, an Islamic country (and
many countries are!), she would be forbidden to say things against religion
in society at large instead of in that one house. Did you know that the
Koran swears "destruction" against those that deviate in any way from the
12th century rules laid down exactly as they are in that book? It's not an
empty threat either. Compared to death, imprisonment, whipping, being banned
from one insane person's house seems astonishingly mild.

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