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"Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving, 5th Edition 
(Addison-Wesley; 2005). "The Turing test measures the performance of an 
allegedly intelligent machine against that of a human being, arguably 
the best and only standard for intelligent behavior. ... The Turing 
test, in spite of its intuitive appeal, is vulnerable to a number of 
justifiable criticisms. One of the most important of these is aimed at 
its bias toward purely symbolic problem-solving tasks. It does not test 
abilities requiring perceptual skill or manual dexterity, even though 
these are important components of human intelligence. Conversely, it is 
sometimes suggested that the Turing test needlessly constrains machine 
intelligence to fit a human mold. Perhaps machine intelligence is 
simply different from human intelligence and trying to evaluate it in 
human terms is a fundamental mistake. Do we really wish a machine would 
do mathematics as slowly and inaccurately as a human?"

What I wish is to make humans perfect in every way, intelligent-wise 
and emotionally balanced individual/ a utopian dream. Some think we are 
nothing but thoughts, energy driven brains aka mind. Wisdom arise from 
directly experiencing reality according to ancient philosophers. How 
can a machine think non-thinking to see reality as it is? Some Zen 
Buddists practice seeing without assumptions and judgemental views. A 
robot is already pre-programmed to think within the box. To Zen 
practitioners there is no box.

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