[ExI] Morality meme and civilization

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Fri Dec 14 00:18:10 UTC 2007

Seien wtote:
"In light of how crucially important morality is to civilisation, 
that's a
pretty terrible thing to say. Morality isn't invented by religion - 
that's a
meangingless definition of it. Morality is an area of knowledge, which
includes theories about how to make good choices, and how to live well 
- and
therefore what's right and wrong and good and evil. You could call it 
theory of decision-making. Morality is reason, if you like. It is not a
religious dogma, although religion likes to have morality attributed to 

It sounds pretty damn important to me. It means the difference between
making a bad decision and a good one. I can only presume by your 
of morality, and the notion that morality might be important, that you 
want it."

Hi, civilization rise and fall despite morality memes. I said morality 
memes was created by religious beliefs or faith to gods or spirit. Why 
can't man love each other without fear of god or hope for a reward? Is 
it due to the "selfish gene?"

We are driven by a desire for self-preservation if that is not due to 
the selfish gene then what is it?
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