[ExI] A Well-balanced individual

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Fri Dec 14 12:20:35 UTC 2007

Bryan asked: What is a perfect human being?

None so far.  Nature endowed us with a flexible brain that tilts either 
to the side of emotionalism or rationality. The five senses receiving 
stimuli from outside the box/consciousness/mind as the sixth sense is 
not yet a perfect machine. This mind/consciousness has no direct access 
 from outside but the other five senses do. Stimuli coming from outside 
the box/brain pass thru several neurons before reaching the neocortex, 
the region of the brain center for memory and language. This center of 
the brain for memory and language interpretes the message received and 
sends it back to specialized neurons called the sympathetic nervous 

A  brain that tilts more towards emotionalism rather than rationality 
was found to have a large amygdala{ the center of feelings} among the 
female gender according to one study done during the decade of the 
brain. Is this due to their upbringing or other genetic inheritance or 

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