[ExI] Rational Morality

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Fri Dec 14 15:33:25 UTC 2007

"I do not see a difference in morality and rationality. My arguments are
summed up in a paper that you can find here:


Hi Stephan, thanks for your info about Rational morality or practical 
benevolence. My understanding, correct me if I'm wrong, is that your 
suggestion for a "Rational Morality" is similar to the 'Golden Rule."

It is a sound philosophy but the practical side is hard to implement 
globally due to entropic processes still embedded in the brain [the 
survival instinct].

Continuous survival in the microspace is not the problem where morality 
or rationality does not exist. AI is progressing from entropy towards 
extropy by intergrating different fields of science and technology to 
solve specific situations that cause entropy/chaos.

1. Chemically engineering the brain with the use of pharmaceuticals 
i.e. using SSRI for depression, generalized anxiety

2. Genetically altering damaged brains is still undergoing a lot of 
obstacles due to political and economic reasons.

3. The inherent flexibility of the brain is an aspect where some 
practice of meditation decrease the psychological stress/chaos.

4. In some intances a combination of 1 and 3 is successful locally.

5. Global issues require global solutions i.e. global warming, poverty, 
crime and over population.

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