[ExI] Second Law of Thermodynamics

Kevin Freels kevin at kevinfreels.com
Sat Dec 15 04:28:27 UTC 2007

> Kevin wrote:
>> I see your point, but one must also remember that gold is only 
>> valuable in t he first place because it is rare. Once you have 
>> converted all the lead into gold, what value does it really have?
> Gold is not only valuable because it is rare. Gold has physical 
> properties that make it an excellent solution for certain engineering 
> problems. Were gold more plentiful, it would, for instance, supplant 
> copper, silver, and aluminum in many contexts where conductivity is desired.
> For that matter, lead is useful in of itself. If all the lead were 
> converted to gold, we'd be looking for clever ways to accelerate the 
> decay of radioactive waste into lead, to address our lead shortage.
Yeah. You got me there. I shot from the hip. We weren't REALLY talking 
about gold and lead and I was careless. Thank you for being ever 
vigilant against such things. :-) (I really forgot how much I liked this 
group - why have I been absent so long? lol)

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