[ExI] Extropy/Entropy re: Rational Morality

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Sat Dec 15 20:09:29 UTC 2007

Stephan wrote:
"Moral behavior is the realization that existence is preferable over non
existence and that the larger the group one belongs to the better one's 
existence can be ensured. I replied to an earlier mail of yours with a 
to a paper arguing this in more depths. If I had seen your statement 
earlier I would  have replied to you here with teh link."

Sorry, I was not paying attention till now. My mind is easily 
distracted and lost tract of time. I'm still learning about the use of 
computer interactions on the web.

My monkey mind is jumping topic to topic, from entropy to extropy and 
now rational morality.

I'm trying to integrate the little I learned from cosmology to genetics 
with sociological implications of rational morality. As I said in my 
previews posts morality exists only in our minds and not in cosmic 
evolution or genes.

Sociologists call the process reciprocal rationality to what you chose 
to call as rational morality. The mind is attached to what it sees as 
beneficial to itself. Call it whatever term you chose it boils down to 
this genetic predisposition for self preservation.

On another note, extropy exists side by side with entropy, without one 
the other cannot exist like two sides of a coin. i.e. Our minds cannot 
see the genetic effects of GM plants and animals till the evidence of 
extinction is available.
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