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spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Dec 15 22:08:01 UTC 2007

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> Your enemy here is latency and many problems (including the one being
> discussed here) have parallelizability that is a very sensitive
> function of latency... J. Andrew Rogers

J. Andrew, I thought about this problem for some time before coming to the
conclusion that latency is inherently important to the kinds of computing
that I expect optimized star systems to perform.  

To follow up on a thread started a couple weeks ago, we imagined a star
system where intelligent life is a few thousand or few tens of thousands of
years advanced beyond a singularity.  Most would agree that a post
singularity intelligence would try to optimize the information to matter
content of the star system.  From that we imagine an M-brain.  But once one
realizes the truth of your comment, "parallelizability that is a very
sensitive function of latency" and the enempy* is latency, a new insight
appears.  An S-Brain sacrifices maximum energy usage in exchange for
decreasing latency between nodes.


*enempy looks like an ordinary typo, which actually it was at first.  Then I
cheerfully realized it could be a new term meaning "enemy of extropy", thus
saving me the effort of fixing the typo.


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