[ExI] simulation

Gary Miller aiguy at comcast.net
Mon Dec 17 02:58:23 UTC 2007


Vladimir asked:

>>Aren't entangled particles just 'synchronized' for all purposes? They are
guaranteed to show the same result, but result is random, you can't transfer
information between observers by observation itself.
How can it be used better than normal bit obtained from randomizer, copied,
copies moved to different places, and then independently 'observed'? >>

I thought the point was that if you changed the state of one entangled
particle the state of it's entangled twin would change as well even though
they were seperated by great distances.

And that the idea was that by establishing a binary threshold for 0 and 1
you would attempt to write a binary sequence to particle set 1 and the
message would show up in the entangled particle set 2.

But I admit the references which say this is impossible still seem to
outnumber the ones which claim it is possible by about five to one.  But on
the other hand the papers which claim superluminal data transfer is possible
are more recent.




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