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Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
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On Sun, Dec 16, 2007 at 05:14:39PM -0500, Gary Miller wrote:
> The latency limitation is the speed of light limitation of how long it takes
> information to move between each node in a network of processing units which

Right you are.

> makes up the theorized mbrain, jbrain, orbiting processor clusters.  If the

Not just theoretic computers. Very practical, today's cluster, especially
geographically separated ones.

> nodes are to function as a large distributed computer then the latency would
> form a processing bottleneck.

No conditionals about it.
> If quantum entanglement could allow information to pass instantaneously

But this is a very large if. This is equivalent to time travel, and
violation of causality.

> without regard to light speed between nodes then there would be zero latency
> and latency would cease to be a bottleneck.  As long as two nodes could
> shared a sufficient mass of entangled photons the hope would be that they
> would serve as a instantaneous communication channel.

I'm not holding my breath for superluminal signalling. Time machines neither.
> I have found papers attempting to disprove and prove the possibility and the
> equations are beyond the level of effort necessary for me to be sufficiently

Now if you would have found experimental results, things would be a lot
more interesting.

> motivated to understand them.  If it is possible though, I do not see it as
> a violation of the speed of light since the information is not traveling
> between the two particles.  The particles being entangled are like the same


> particle appearing at two points in space simultaneously. If the information
> is moving between particles it is not moving through our space but taking a
> direct route through an alternate dimension.

We'll think of interpretations when we have observations violating
Einstein's dictum (no superluminal information transfer). So far, there are 
none, zilch, zero.

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