[ExI] Singularity as a complex adaptive system - What does the environment look like?

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Mon Dec 17 12:05:31 UTC 2007

At 03:12 PM 12/16/2007, x wrote:

>In more conventional terminology, I suppose it could be referred to as
>"technoprogressive", in the purer sense unencumbered with the
>connotations of left-wing politics, having quite successfully co-opted
>"progressive" for their own purposes.

No one own techno, progressive or democracy, so I don't see a 
problem. :-)  When people lack visionary ideas, they fight and squabble.


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If you draw a circle in the sand and study only what's inside the 
circle, then that is a closed-system perspective. If you study what 
is inside the circle and everything outside the circle, then that is 
an open system perspective. - Buckminster Fuller

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