[ExI] Singularity as a complex adaptive system - What does theenvironment look like?

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Dec 19 05:19:21 UTC 2007

> bounces at lists.extropy.org] On Behalf Of Mike Dougherty
> > >...  May we all live to see it.
> >
> > Or die trying.
> Or possibly vitrify the meat so we can one day wake up
> post-Singularity and say, "So that's how they did that?"

Are you sure you would know?  Perhaps they would keep the thawstronauts
thinking they are still meat, cured by advanced medical techniques.

> hmm... I guess if you can't laugh at yourself, you should learn to
> laugh collectively at all of humanity  :)

I can already do both, Mike.  My strategy is to laugh with myself, at
humanity.  Then when I get tired of that, I do it the other way around.
Derisively of course.  Its the best kind of laughter, so long as it is
*sincerely* derisive.


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