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Wed Dec 19 22:28:20 UTC 2007

""Narrower definitions
> Daniel Dennett identifies four properties that are commonly ascribed 
> qualia. According to these, qualia are:
> 1.ineffable; that is, they cannot be communicated, or apprehended by 
> other means than direct experience.
> 2.intrinsic; that is, they are non-relational properties, which do 
> change depending on the experience's relation to other things.
> 3.private; that is, all interpersonal comparisons of qualia are
> systematically impossible.
ineffable, intrinsic, private.  Those 3 sound accurate to me.

> directly or immediately apprehensible in consciousness; that is, to
> experience a quale is to know one experiences a quale, and to know 
> there is to know about that quale.
Is this the 4th?  - to directly experience a quale in consciousness is
to know all there is to know about that quale?

I do not see the fourth property of qualia as Dennett enumerated above. 
My understanding of consiousness is a cognitive process with varying 
degrees of behavioral responses. All I know is that in general 
anesthesia there are four levels of consciousness. But the article 
failed to mention the fourth property of qualia which is reversibility. 
When a patient recovers from anesthesia the process is reversed from 
the fourth level of unconscious state as in deep sleep to complete 
recovery, the first level or complete awareness/awake.

There are many properties of what the brain can do and 
qualia/consciousness is just one of them. Scientists call this property 
of the brain as cognition.

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