[ExI] Where is Consciousness located?

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"> The Chinese room experiment did not show the role
> of insight in the brain.

The Chinese room experiment did not show anything, not one goddamn 

John K Clark

What is the goal of the experiment? Are you expecting that it will show 
where consciousness is located in the brain?

Is it not to prove to the experimenters that their theories for 
behavior is located in several regions of the brain? Emotions of fear, 
sadness and joy are concentrated in the lower part of the brain, the 
amygdala, by showing an increased or diminished blood flow in that 
area. Psychiatrists and neuroscientists were not looking for the exact 
place where consciousness arise.

Consciousness is not a solid object permanently located in one area of 
the brain as discovered in a recent study of the brain.

The central nervous system is a complex organ including the brain. 
Cognition in human is a higher function characterized by plasticity, 
reversibility and interconnectivity as shown objectively in MRI with 
subjective interpretation on the part of a third person observer.
The entire process consists of the ff. steps:

1.First there were the volunteers subject to the tests/stressful 
pictures on a screen.{subjective process}
2. Second there is the objective maping of the volunteers/brain by the 
MRI apparatus.{objective process}
3. Then there is the subjective interpretation by the 
persons/scientists whose goal is to find the source of emotions, 
cognition and behavior.

If you are looking for the origin of consciousness, it is all 
interconnected in synergy within microspace and the random events 
outside in macrospace.


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