[ExI] The Dalai Lama on Technological Change [Turin, 20071216] - YouTube

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Fri Dec 21 00:19:24 UTC 2007

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> Subject: [ExI] The Dalai Lama on Technological Change [Turin,20071216] -
> YouTube
> I don't know whether he's subscribed to this list, but in any case
> it's gratifying to know that at least someone understands what I'm
> saying.  ;-)

I checked the subscription list, didn't find any dalai.lama at aol.com or
similar.  Does anyone know the dalai lama's email @?  I wonder who has
dalai.lama?  Lets post to him or her and invite him or her to join Exi-Chat:

Hello Dalai!  Welcome to Exi-chat.  Come hang out with us, we are a pretty
cool bunch.  Often.  Well OK, sometimes.  

This brings up a related question.  What would Jesus choose as his email
address?  (Open invitation for cutting up on a Thursday afternoon.)



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