[ExI] The Dalai Lama on Technological Change [Turin, 20071216] - YouTube

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Dec 21 02:22:49 UTC 2007

> Subject: Re: [ExI] The Dalai Lama on Technological Change [Turin,
> 20071216] - YouTube
> >>The website says:
> >>ohhdl at dalailama.com
> >
> > I could have sworn it was ommm at dalailama.commm

> :))) Thank you.  I love this list...

Ja, me too.

> Damien, you and spike are a comedy act. :)))

Flattered am I to be placed in the company of one who makes his living
selling words.  I must add, however, with all due modesty of course, that
literary critics have compared me to Steinbeck and Hemmingway.  If I may
quote, "Spike, the main difference between you and writers like Steinbeck
and Hemmingway is that they could write and you suck.  On the other hand
there are striking similarities, such as the fact that all three of you are

> I know it's the holiday season but how much holiday cheer have y'all
> imbibed already?  MB

No, actually I am like this all the time, except when I imbibe.  After
overindulgence in ethanol, I get all serious and formal, the death of the
party, no fun.  Those inhibitions that are normally expected to fall away
under such circumstances fall into place after having been away to start
with.  Likewise coffee has the opposite affect on me compared to that in
normal people.  This is fortunate, being a perfectly acceptable beverage at
the office.


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