[ExI] A new low

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Dec 22 02:07:18 UTC 2007

> ... are the effects of post modern society immersed in instant
gratification ...

This comment also fits well with our original notion of the modern society
failing to grasp negative numbers.

Instant gratification is an endpoint, where gratification is defined as the
satisfaction of a hunger or want.  As the time required to satisfy any
particular lust or urge approaches zero, we call it instant gratification.
But if the time from hunger to stupefying satiety reaches exactly zero, thus
completely eliminating all possibility of hunger or lust, then we have
nowhere else to go, no further goals to reach.  Advancement comes sadly to
an end.  

But wait.  Suppose we discover some new technology that allows our post
modern society to have its wants and lusts satisfied *before* the hunger or
yearning even exists?  Imagine a technology that somehow anticipates our
lust, then satisfies in advance?  Lust time first goes to zero (instant
gratification), then actually goes negative (preemptive gratification).  

As we become more advanced with preemptive gratification,we have no limits,
for preemptive gratification can take the negative lust time arbitrarily far
to the left on the time axis.  Just think of the money to be made here.


(Oh my, I crack me up.)

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