[ExI] A Gap between quantum and gravity

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Sun Dec 23 13:16:07 UTC 2007

"Chalmers, I, and many others agree that there is a "hard problem" but 
disagree with him that phenomenal properties could "arise" from any
equivalent functional organization, of which a "Chinese Room" is, 
absurd and racist, one example.

I also very much disagree with the idea that consciousness is only a
process or only behavior, or not located anywhere.  And this is all
described in the "Nature has Phenomenal Properties" camp statement:"

The Theory of quantum gravity or the grand unification theory still 
remain as a theory until one removes time in the equation according to 
British physicist, Julian Barbour.

Time is only a concept/a thought , a movement of the mind. At the 
quantum level there is no time nor consciousness.
However, gravity exists as an attraction between larger and larger 
masses of energy as evident in our solar system and galaxies.

Our brain is organized like the cosmos with neurons firing 
automatically within the speed of light. However, like it or not, there 
is a space  between neurons called the synapse where a disconnect in 
transmitting messages between neurons can be interrupted by a random 
phenomena in the macrospace of genetic and environmental changes.

If we can travel beyond the speed of light, we have to device a means 
of connecting the neurons without synapses, spaces of decoherence, a 
phenomena not occuring in microtubules of the spinal cord which act as 
a quantum mechanism.

See the excerpt on "Inside the Mind".

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